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New Hampshire genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for New Hampshire ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in New Hampshire history.

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Genealogies of Durham New Hampshire

Genealogies based in part on the genealogies found in the History of Durham, New Hampshire.

Early New Hampshire Church Records

New Hampshire Genealogy

New England Genealogy

Miscellaneous Davis Families of Durham and Region

The will of John Davis of Lee, 10 March 1788-20 Nov. 1797, names wife, Judith, and children, Moses (who married 12 Dec. 1784, Margaret Bligh), Clement, Sarah Kenniston, Abigail Hall, Tamson Stevens and Keziah Furber. This John Davis may have been son of John, Moses, John, James.Clement M. Davis of …
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Genealogy of Jeremiah Davis of Durham New Hampshire

First Generation1Family of Jeremiah Davis of Durham New HampshireJeremiah Davis had a share in the division of common lands, 1734 – Jeremiah Davis of Portsmouth bought land in Durham of Benjamin and Miriam Davis, 27 Aug. 1735, and more land of James Davis 24 Jan. 1737. He married Sarah Jenkins, …
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Genealogy of John Davis of Nottingham, New Hampshire

First Generation1Family of John Davis of Nottingham, New HampshireJohn Davis, born, probably in Durham, 10 June 1768, married, 15 June 1788, Hannah Hall, who was born 1 April 1765. Lived in Nottingham. Their children were:2 Jacob Davis born 12 May 1792; died 10 Jan. 1839; married 7 March 1816, Anna …
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Genealogy of Lieut. David Davis of Lee, New Hampshire

First Generation1Family of Lieut. David Davis of Lee, New HampshireLieut. David Davis, born about 1730 and called in deeds “David Davis third,” was probably grandson of the first David Davis, who may have had an unrecorded son. He purchased the farm at Lee Hook, now known as the “Pine Row,” …
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Genealogy of David Davis of Oyster River New Hampshire

First Generation1Genealogy of David Davis of Portsmouth and Lubberland, New HampshireDavid Davis was apprenticed to John Lang of Portsmouth by an order of court in 1678, and by Lang was assigned to Stephen Jones of Oyster River for instruction in the trade of cooper. He made a deposition 6 Aug. …
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Genealogy of Ensign John Davis of Oyster River New Hampshire

Ensign John Davis of Oyster River New Hampshire was born about 1623 in Marlborough. He married, 10 Dec. 1646, Jane, daughter of the Rev. Joseph and Mary (Johnson) Peasley of Haverhill, where he owned land in 1642. In 1650 he was on a committee to lay out a boundary between …
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