Genealogical Notes on the Clark Family of Durham New Hampshire

Genealogical Notes on the Clark family of Durham New Hampshire as extracted from the History of Durham New Hampshire and other sources.

Abraham Clark’s land is mentioned in 1680. He lived near the northern boundary of Oyster River Parish. He may have been the Clark of unknown name who was killed in the massacre of 1694. Deliverance Clark, who married Nathaniel Lamos before 1700, was doubtless his daughter, and so, probably, was Mary Clark, who married Bartholomew Stevenson, 10 Oct. 1680. Clark’s Plains are on the line of Dover and Madbury southeast of Pudding hill.

Abraham Clark, aged 59 when he made a deposition in 1738, must have been son of the first Abraham. He was surveyor of highways in 1714. He had a wife Anna. They sold land to Remembrance Clark in 1761. Abraham Clark’s estate was administered by widow, Anna, who was appointed administratrix 30 June 1762. He was said to be of Barrington at the time of his decease. Three children are recorded, viz.:

  1. Love Clark born 30 May 1721.
  2. Annah Clark born 2 July 1723.
  3. Mary Clark born 1 Dec. 1725.

Abraham Clark of the next generation, and Elizabeth Gooch were published at Wells, Maine, 7 May 1757. He was taxed in Madbury in 1758.

Family of James Clark of Durham New Hampshire

James Clark bought land near to Abraham Clark in 1717. He married Sarah Leighton, 16 Jan. 1717-8. He died in 1767 and his wife died in 1770. They were of the Society of Friends. Children recorded:

  1. Jonathan disowned 21 April 1781; married Izette _______; son:
    1. Daniel, married Love Drew, 30 July 1777.
  2. Sarah married Richard Swain.
  3. James.
  4. Remembrance, married Sarah Bridges; d. 5 Dec. 1819. For family see New Hampshire Genealogical Record IV, p. 122.
  5. Martha born 25 June 1735; married 24 Dec. 1762, Daniel Varney.

Miscellaneous Genealogical Records of Clarks in Durham New Hampshire

  • Eli Clark shared in the division of common lands in Durham, 1734.
  • Isaac Clark was collector in Durham, in 1743. He had a son:
    • Samuel Clark, baptized in Dover, 30 June 1740.
  • John Reynolds married Hannah Clark, 23 Dec. 1718.
  • Benjamin Clark married Susanna Grey, 21 Feb. 1760, both of Durham.


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