Genealogy of the Buzzell Family of Durham New Hampshire

A genealogy of the Buzzell family of Durham New Hampshire as extracted from the History of Durham New Hampshire and other sources.

First Generation


Family of John Buzzell of Oyster River New Hampshire

John Buzzell (Samuel2, Isaac1 of Salisbury, Mass.), born 7 Aug. 1659, had a grant of forty acres, 19 March 1693/4, laid out to him 13 June 1694, on the south side of the mast path that goes from John Knights to Newtowne. He was baptized at Oyster River, New Hampshire 1 April 1722. His will, 24 Nov. 1737-28 Feb. 1738/9, names wife, Sarah, and children as follows:

  1. Henry Buzzell married abt. 1742, Judith Horn of Dover. Rem. to Barrington. His will, 9 June 1764-26 Aug. 1767, names wife, Judith, and ch.:
    1. Nathaniel Buzzell.
    2. Jane Buzzell.
    3. Thomas Buzzell.
    4. Paul Buzzell.
    5. Henry Buzzell.
    6. Abigail Buzzell.
    7. Margaret Buzzell.
    8. Mary Buzzell.
    9. Dorcas Buzzell.
  2. 2. John Buzzell baptized 28 Jan. 1721/2; married Sarah Wibird.
  3. 3. William Buzzell married Sarah Pitman.
  4. James Buzzell baptized 19 June 1726, married Rachel _______. He was of Rochester, 1741 (?).
  5. Isaac Buzzell married Izett _______, called daughter of Widow Dorcas Bradford of Portsmouth.
  6. Martha Buzzell married _______ Brown.
  7. Elizabeth Buzzell married Benjamin Bell of Newcastle, 9 May 1718.
  8. Sarah Buzzell married _______ Williams, (2) _______ Roberts.
  9. Margaret Buzzell baptized as adult 28 Jan. 1721/2: married 1 Jan. 1724/5, John Demeritt.
  10. Mary Buzzell baptized 19 June 1726; married Job Demeritt.
  11. Hannah Buzzell, “young sister of Sarah Williams,” baptized 23 June 1723; married James Leighton.
  12. Ann Buzzell baptized “young daughter of John Senior,” 3 April 1727; married 17 Jan. 1753, Joseph Stevenson.

Second Generation


Family of John Buzzell of Oyster River, Dover and Durham New Hampshire

John Buzzell (John3, Samue2, Isaac1) married, 4 Jan. 1724/5, Sarah Wibird. He and son, Jacob, were at the siege of Louisburg. His will, 3 April 1770-13 July 1774, names the following children:

  1. Jacob Buzzell baptized at Oyster River, 24 April 1726; married Hannah _______. He was of Barrington, 1757.
  2. Joseph Buzzell baptized at Oyster River 24 Aug. 1729; married 17 March 1755, Sarah Evans of Dover.
  3. Benjamin Buzzell baptized at Dover 21 March 1736; married Abigail, daughter of John Evans. He was of Barrington in 1774.
  4. Hannah Buzzell baptized in Dover 21 March 1736; married Thomas Evans, 24 June 1738.
  5. Abraham Buzzell baptized in Dover 20 Sept. 1739. Not named in will.
  6. Sarah Buzzell baptized in Dover 10 Sept. 1741; married 2 Nov. 1758, Job Demeritt, Jr.
  7. Abigail Buzzell baptized in Dover 27 Oct. 1754. Not named in will.
  8. Silas Buzzell baptized in Durham 9 Sept. 1750.
  9. John Buzzell named in will; married Phebe, daughter of Robert Evans. Is said to have had a large family of sons and daughters in Barrington. One of these was:
    1. Solomon, born 5 Jan. 1751, who married (1) Elizabeth, daughter of Dea. Jeremiah Burnham and widow of John Burnham. Solomon Buzzell was a soldier of the Revolution. [See History of Northwood.] He had three children by Elizabeth Burnham [See Burnham Family of Durham New Hampshire.]:
      1. Nancy born 8 Jan. 1787.
      2. John Burnham born 7 Sept. 1791.
      3. Betsey born 20 July 1797.
  10. Rachel Buzzell named in will.


Family of William Buzzell of Oyster River and Durham New Hampshire

William Buzzell (John3, Samue2, Isaac1) married, 28 Nov. 1729, Sarah, daughter of Francis Pitman. He had children as follows, all but the last baptized 2 Jan. 1742:

  1. Ebenezer Buzzell married Rachel _______. He was of Barrington in 1759.
  2. Samuel Buzzell married Lydia Evans (?). He was of Barrington in 1774. Lydia died 15 Feb. 1816. Had at least:
    1. Lemuel Buzzell who married Avis Emerson and resided in Barrington. Avis (Emerson) Buzzell died 17 Nov. 1845.
      1. John E. Buzzell of Durham, son of Lemuel and Avis (Emerson) Buzzell, grandson of Samuel and Lydia (Evans) Buzzell, named above, was born in Barrington 21 Feb. 1816, and died in Durham 13 Jan. 1896. He lived in Lee forty years and moved to Durham in 1870. He married Esther Young and had two daughters:
        1. Carrie E. Buzzell.
        2. Lydia Buzzell; married James W. Burnham.
  3. William Buzzell married 10 Apr. 1755, Mary Mathes.
  4. Ichabod Buzzell married Sarah, probably daughter of John Roberts. Two years in the French and Indian War.
  5. Tabitha Buzzell.
  6. Mary Buzzell.
  7. Elizabeth Buzzell baptized 29 July 1750.


Stackpole, E. S., Thompson, L. and Meserve, W. S. (1913) History of the town of Durham, New Hampshire : Oyster River Plantation with genealogical notes. [Durham? N.H. Pub. by vote of the town] [Web]

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