Genealogy of the Critchet Family of Durham New Hampshire

A genealogy of the Critchet family of Durham New Hampshire as extracted from the History of Durham New Hampshire and other sources.

First Generation


Elias Critchet of Oyster River and Portsmouth New Hampshire

Elias Critchet deposed, 1671, concerning the laying out of a boundary in 1667. He was rated in Portsmouth in 1680. He signed a petition in 1695. He married (2) widow of James Thomas and daughter of John Goddard.  She was admitted to church 7 Dec. 1718 as aged wife of Elias Critchet, Sr., whom she had married after 1715. She was a widow again in 1729. Elias Critchet of “Quamscook” bought land of Andrew Wiggin, 22 April 1674.

Elias Critchet, Jr., married, 12 Oct. 1714, Elizabeth Lane of Hampton, daughter of William and Sarah (Webster) Lane, born 12 July 1691. Both were living in 1731. Children:

  1. Thomas Critchet baptized 3 Nov. 1717; married in Kingston, 9 May 1739, Mary daughter of John Roberts of Brentwood and had children, among them being:
    1. Elias Critchet. He appears later to have had a second wife, Anna _______.
  2. John Critchet baptized 7 Sept. 1718. Had children:
    1. Sarah Critchet baptized 14 Apr. 1750/1.
    2. James Critchet baptized 19 Nov. 1749.
  3. James Critchet baptized 17 June 1723.
  4. Elizabeth Critchet baptized 5 May 1728; married Ebenezer Bickford, 6 Dec. 1750.


Stackpole, E. S., Thompson, L. and Meserve, W. S. (1913) History of the town of Durham, New Hampshire : Oyster River Plantation with genealogical notes. [Durham? N.H. Pub. by vote of the town] [Web]

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