Genealogy of the Crommett Family of Durham New Hampshire

A genealogy of the Crommett family of Durham New Hampshire as extracted from the History of Durham New Hampshire and other sources.

First Generation


Family of Philip Crommett of Lee and Dover New Hampshire

Philip Crommett (called also Cromet, Crummett, Cromele, Cromel, Cromwell, etc.) was taxed in company with Davey Daniel, 1662-67. He bought land of Hugh Dunn, at Sandy Bank, above Hook Island Falls, in Lee. He was licensed to keep a ferry at Lampril River in 1671. In 1673 he had a grant of six acres adjoining his land at Lampril River. Philip Crommet and wife, Margaret, deeded to son, John, 7 June 1710, one half of his farm on the north side of Lampril River, which formerly belonged to Hugh Dunn, and the other half he deeded to Cornelius Drisco, 12 March 1714/5. John and Mary Cromett deeded their half to Cornelius Drisco. John and Sarah Footman conveyed to John Crommett, 1 April 1721, land “granted to our brother Jeremiah Cromett” in Dover. It thus appears that Philip and Margaret Crommett had the following children. This family is entirely distinct from that of Philip Cromwell of Dover Neck, though the surname Cromwell is sometimes incorrectly given to this Philip. At the same time there was another Philip Cromwell at Marblehead, Massachusetts. Issue:

  1. 2. John Crommett married (1) Elizabeth Thomas, (2) Mary _______.
  2. Jeremiah Crommett killed and scalped by Indians, 1712.
  3. Sarah Crommett married Thomas Footman, 18 Dec. 1691.
  4. Mary Crommett probably who married Cornelius Drisco.

Second Generation


Family of John Crommett of Oyster River and Durham New Hampshire

John Crommett (Philip1) married (1) 13 Jan. 1691/2, Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of James and Martha (Goddard) Thomas, (2) Mary _______. He signed a petition with his brother, Jeremiah, in 1694. His will, 22 May 1724-1 Sept. 1724, names wife, Mary, who was living in 1730, and the following children:

  1. 3. Joshua Crommett married Elizabeth Keniston.
  2. 4. John Crommett married Sobriety Thomas.
  3. Mary Crommett baptized 19 Sept. 1719, “a maiden.”

Children by second marriage:

  1. Philip Crommett born 1716, baptized 6 March 1719, twin to Elizabeth. Soldier in 1758, aged 42. Taxes abated 1782. Pauper, 1787. He married Abigail Crommett.
  2. Elizabeth Crommett baptized 6 March 1719, twin to Philip; married John Durgin, 6 March 1728/9.
  3. Margaret Crommett born 6 April 1715; baptized 6 March 1719; married William Durgin.
  4. Martha Crommett.
  5. Sarah Crommett.

Third Generation


Family of Joshua Crommett of Durham New Hampshire

Joshua Crommett (John2, Philip1) married, 19 Sept. 1728, Elizabeth Kenniston. He was selectman in Durham, 1765-72. His will, 9 Feb. 1777, names the following children. June 9, 1777, Elizabeth, widow of Joshua Crommett, was allowed as dower a room in the north part of the house where Durgin lived, called the Duda farm. The witnesses were Joseph Durgin, Zebulon Durgin and John Adams. Betsey Crommett died 9 July 1796.

  1. Elizabeth Crommett baptized 1 Jan. 1729/30; married David Davis.
  2. John Crommett, “oldest son.” He was of Boothbay, Maine, in 1777.
  3. 5. Jacob Crommett born 1739; married Abigail Dam.
  4. Martha Crommett married Thomas Tash.
  5. 6. Thomas Crommett married Mary Chesley.


Family of John Crommett of Durham New Hampshire

John Crommett (John2, Philip1) married Sobriety Thomas, daughter of James and Mary (Smith) Thomas. He “died by the act of God,” as a coroner’s jury said, 24 Jan. 1758, that is, he was struck by lightning. The will of Sobriety, relict of John Crommett, 1779, names only “dutiful daughter Abigail, wife of Philip Crummit of Durham.” Sobriety died in 1780.

  1. 7. Ebenezer Crommett married Elizabeth Davis.
  2. James, Crommett soldier in 1758, aged 18; baptized 13 June 1728 (?).
  3. Abigail Crommett married Philip Crommett.

Fourth Generation


Family of Jacob Crommett of Durham New Hampshire

Jacob Crommett (Joshua3, John2, Philip1), born about 1739, married, in Newington, 16 Dec. 1762, Abigail Dam. He was constable in 1767. He died in June 1800. She died 11 Nov. 1814. His will, dated 18 April 1797, names wife, Abigail, and the following children:

  1. 8. John Crommett, who received the homestead, “received from honored father, Joshua Crommet.” He married Eunice Meserve.
  2. Betsey Crommett married Samuel Edgerly, Jr., 20 Dec. 1795.
  3. Mary Crommett married Valentine Mathes of Lee, 21 Aug. 1788.
  4. Abigail Crommett born 12 June 1775; married Jethro Edgerly, 3 July 1797; died 16 Dec. 1845.
  5. Sarah Crommett born 21 March 1781; married Valentine Mathes, Jr.
  6. Hannah Crommett married Vincent Meserve, 20 Oct. 1797.


Family of Thomas Crommett of Durham New Hampshire

Thomas Crommett (Joshua3, John2, Philip1), called “youngest son” of Joshua, was executor of his father’s will and received “all home estate and farm.” This was on the north side of Crommett’s Creek. He married Mary Chesley, daughter of Capt. Thomas and Mary (Hill) Chesley. He left at least two daughters. He was an ensign in the Revolution. [See Genealogy of the Chesley Family of Durham New Hampshire for Mary’s ancestry]

  1. Molly Crommett married Joseph Bickford, 1 May 1803 (?). [Marriage record has Josiah Bickford and Polly Crommett.]
  2. Abigail Crommett died 17 March 1823, aged 45 (?).


Family of Ebenezer Crommett of Durham New Hampshire

Ebenezer Crommett (John3, John2, Philip1) married 24 Jan. 1758, Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Daniel Davis. She married (2) 1769, Joseph Drew. Ebenezer had at least two sons.

  1. James Crommett soldier in 1777, aged 19. He was of Durham in 1783.
  2. Ebenezer Crommett soldier in 1777, aged 17; married 6 Oct. 1783, Hannah (Smith) Hearn. She was daughter of Joseph Smith and married (1) Jose _______, (2) Morris Hearn. Ebenezer Crommett is called “Adjutant.” He died 15 April 1818. His wife died 4 Jan. 1841, aged 85, having been a Revolutionary pensioner, without issue.

Fifth Generation


Family of John Crommett of Durham New Hampshire

John Crommett (Jacob4, Joshua3, John2, Philip1) married, 20 April 1795, Eunice Meserve, daughter of Col. Ebenezer and Eunice (Torr) Meserve. He was drowned at Portsmouth, 12 April 1808. His widow married Nathaniel Edgerly, 26 May 1822.

  1. Martha Crommett married Eben Kent, 6 March 1817.
  2. Polly Crommett married Richard Kent, 9 June 1814.
  3. Eliza Crommett married Jacob Johnson, 24 March 1820.

Miscellaneous Records of Crommett’s in Durham

  • m. 1 May 1803, Josiah Bickford and Polly Crommett.
  • A Widow Crummet died 29 Dec. 1819, aged 97.


Stackpole, E. S., Thompson, L. and Meserve, W. S. (1913) History of the town of Durham, New Hampshire : Oyster River Plantation with genealogical notes. [Durham? N.H. Pub. by vote of the town] [Web]

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