Genealogy of the Cromwell Family of Durham New Hampshire

A genealogy of the Cromwell family of Durham New Hampshire as extracted from the History of Durham New Hampshire and other sources.

First Generation


Family of Philip Cromwell of Oyster River, New Hampshire

Philip Cromwell, born 1612, aged 74 in 1686 as per deposition, was taxed at Cochecho 1657-58. He was juryman in 1662, selectman in 1670. He owned land on Dover Neck that formerly belonged to William Storer, where he was living in 1674 when he was complained of for taking in the highway and trespassing the common. He bought land at Sandy Point, in Great Bay, of Richard Waldron, 26 Nov. 1660. He married (1) Elizabeth Tuttle, daughter of Capt. John Tuttle, (2) Elizabeth Leighton, daughter of Thomas Leighton before 1671. Philip Cromwell and Elizabeth “my present wife,” 6 Oct. 1699, sold land to Richard Pinkham. He was commissioned captain in 1683. June 23, 1714, Samuel Cromwell, and Rachel his wife, sold to Thomas Kenney land on Dover Neck, only reserving “three rods square for a burying place at ye place where my father was buried.” [N. H. Prov. Deeds, XVI. 556.] His will, dated 19 May 1708, names wife Elizabeth and the following children. He died 26 May 1708.

  1. 2. Joshua Cromwell married Lydia _______.
  2. 3. Samuel Cromwell married Rachel _______.
  3. Joanna Cromwell married Morris Hobbs about 1698.
  4. Alice Cromwell.
  5. Elizabeth Cromwell.
  6. Sarah Cromwell married Timothy Wentworth before 1698.
  7. Mercy Cromwell married Hatevil Hall, 14 March 1706/7.
  8. Ann Cromwell born 19 Aug. 1674.

Second Generation


Family of Joshua Cromwell of Oyster River, New Hampshire

Joshua Cromwell (Philip1) had a grant of land in 1693. His wife, Lydia, is named in deeds from 1709 to 1743. He lived on Dover Neck and died before 1752. Deeds in that year show the following children:

  1. Joshua Cromwell. He was of Falmouth, Maine, in 1752. He signed a petition from Kennebunk in 1760. He married (1) in Falmouth, Elizabeth Larrabee, daughter of Benjamin and Deborah (Ingersoll) Larrabee, who died 13 April 1725, leaving daughter, Elizabeth Larrabee, born 13 April 1725. He married (2) Grace and had daughter Lydia Cromwell, born in Falmouth 19 May 1728.
  2. John Cromwell married 25 Dec. 1720, Mary Ridley (?).
  3. Joseph Cromwell married Abigail _______.
  4. Samuel Cromwell probably married Betty Pinkham, 4 Dec. 1727. Lived in 1752.
  5. Caleb Cromwell of Falmouth in 1752, where he had a child baptized 1740.
  6. Elizabeth Cromwell married Thomas Waitt of Dover.
  7. Lydia Cromwell married Noah Cross of Dover.


Family of Samuel Cromwell of Oyster River, New Hampshire

Samuel Cromwell (Philip1) married Rachel _______. They and the following children were baptized by Rev. Hugh Adams, 31 July 1726. He died between 1735 and 1743:

  1. Dorothy Cromwell born 13 May 1713; married Samuel Pray of Berwick, Maine.
  2. 4. Eliphalet Cromwell born 12 Nov. 17 16; married Esther Nock.

Third Generation


Family of Eliphalet Cromwell of Durham, New Hampshire

Eliphalet Cromwell (Samuel2, Philip1) married Esther Nock, daughter of Sylvanus Nock. He is called “son and heir to Samuel Cromwell,” in 1743. He married (2) _______ _______, (3) 4 Feb. 1760, Keziah Watson, His will, dated 22 Oct. 1793, was probated 6 Jan. 1794.

  1. Lucy Cromwell married Daniel Ricker, about 1762.
  2. Dorothy Cromwell married Samuel Henderson, 22 Nov. 1769.
  3. Sylvanus Cromwell soldier of the Revolution, not named in will.
  4. Esther Cromwell not named in will.
  5. Eliphalet Cromwell born 12 July 1752, not named in will. Revolutionary soldier.
  6. Rachel Cromwell married Phineas Ricker, Jr., 27 Feb. 1777.

Children by third marriage.

  1. Hannah Cromwell born 19 Nov. 1760; married _______ Watson.
  2. Samuel Cromwell born 6 Aug. 1761, named in will.
  3. Elizabeth Cromwell born 19 Dec. 1762; married Josiah Paul.

Miscellaneous Cromwells from Durham New Hampshire Records

Samuel Cromwell, called often Crommett or Crumet, and Samuel Cromwell, Jr., were taxed in the Point district, Durham, in 1801. Samuel, Jr., was hog-reeve in 1773, and his taxes were released in 1783. Samuel Crummett died 1 Sept. 1826, aged 84. Joanna, his wife, died 14 April 1821, aged 80. A Samuel Cromet of Durham married Nov. 1779, Rebecca Merry of Madbury. Samuel Cromwell, Jr., of Durham was defendant in court in a suit for debt brought by John Newmarch, in 1762. He sued Thomas Scriggins for payment for a wig in 1760.

Oliver Cromwell bought of Thomas Pierce and Hannah, his wife, 2 Oct. 1751, four acres on said Pierce’s farm in Somersworth, wherever said Oliver might choose. In 1761 Oliver Cromwell and family were ordered out of Portsmouth. He is called a mariner of Portsmouth, in 1762, and was of Somersworth in 1763. This may be the same Oliver Cromwell, of Durham, the administration of whose estate was granted to Philip Cromwell, 21 Feb. 1793.

Oliver Cromwell, born in 1782, was taxed in the Point district in 1806, said to have been born in Brentwood. He married (1) Eleanor Holmes of Portsmouth. Published in Durham 17 May 1806. She died in 1821. He married (2) 17 March 1822 Mary Cram in Raymond. He was hog-reeve in Durham in 1808. After living in several places he returned to Durham and died there 6 Feb. 1853, aged 71. Mary “Crummett,” probably his wife, died in Durham 29 May 1855, aged 70. The children of Oliver Cromwell were:

  1. Thomas Jefferson Cromwell, born 15 March 1816
  2. Ellen Cromwell who married Loring Foster
  3. Eliza Cromwell who married Benjamin Snow
  4. Eben Cromwell
  5. Oliver Cromwell
  6. Caroline Cromwell
  7. Frances Cromwell born 1826, in Brentwood
  8. Mary Cromwell who married 9 March 1833 Caleb Preble
  9. Robert Cromwell born in Dedham, Massachusetts.
  • married 27 April 1736, Mercy Cromwell and Thomas Main.
  • married 27 April 1756, Love Cromwell and Winthrop Bickford.
  • married 27 April 1757, Mercy Cromwell of Dover and Samuel Laury of Newcastle.
  • married 14 May 1778, Sarah Cromwell of Dover and Jacob Chadwick of Somersworth.

John Cromwell died 11 May 1776. His wife, Lydia, died 13 May 1776, and both were buried in one grave, in Dover.


Stackpole, E. S., Thompson, L. and Meserve, W. S. (1913) History of the town of Durham, New Hampshire : Oyster River Plantation with genealogical notes. [Durham? N.H. Pub. by vote of the town] [Web]

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