Genealogy of the Clough Family of Durham New Hampshire

A genealogy of the Clough family of Durham New Hampshire as extracted from the History of Durham New Hampshire and other sources.

John Clough, born 1613, came in the ship Elizabeth from London in 1634 and lived first in Watertown, Massachusetts, whence he removed to Salisbury, Massachusetts He had wife, Jane, who died 16 Jan. 1679/80. His second wife was Martha Cilley, whom he married 15 Jan. 1680. He died 26 July 1691, aged 76.

His son, John, was born 9 March 1648/9 and married Mercy Page 13 Nov. 1674. He died about 1715. She died 25 Jan. 1718.

Benoni Clough was of the next generation, born 23 May 1675. He had wife, Hannah, and lived in Kingston, N. H.

Ichabod, son of Benoni Clough, was born in Kingston 29 June 1697. He married Rebecca Clough 20 Dec. 1722 and died about 1745.

Fifth Generation


Family of Zaccheus Clough of Lee New Hampshire

Zaccheus Clough (Ichabod4, Benoni3, John2, John1), born 1725 died about 1810. He was second lieutenant under Capt. Archelaus Woodman in 1776. Blacksmith by trade. Lived in Lee. He married Love, only daughter of Nathaniel Meader of Lee who was born in 1734. Children were:

  1. Nathaniel married Abigail Perkins; died 26 Nov. 1808. Goldsmith.
  2. 2. William born 5 Dec. 1768; married Susanna Runnels.
  3. Susanna married David Cram.
  4. Abigail d. in Lee 17 Jan. 1815. Unmarried.

Sixth Generation


William Clough of Newmarket New Hampshire

William Clough (Zaccheus5, Ichabod4, Benoni3, John2, John1), born 5 Dec. 1768, died 31 Dec. 1853 in Newmarket, aged 85. He married, 1792, Susanna, daughter of Job and Sarah (Ellison) Runnels of Lee, born 4 July 1773. She died 25 Nov. 1865 in her 93d year, at Durham.

  1. Sally born 11 April 1793; died 19 April 1869.
  2. David born 20 June 1795; went to Utah in 1850 and d. same year.
  3. 3. Benjamin born 3 or 5 Sept. 1798; married Kiza A. Magoon.
  4. Jerry born 21 March 1801; d. same year.
  5. Susanna born 19 Feb. 1806; died 2 June 1833.
  6. William born 22 June 1808; d. in infancy.
  7. Bettey born 23 Dec. 1810; married 3 May 1838, John Fogg of Newfields; d. 4 March 1860.
  8. William born in Canada 22 Aug. 1813; died 27 Sept. 1834. Unm.
  9. Lucinda born 26 June 1816; d. 9 Sept. 1852. Unmarried.

Seventh Generation


Benjamin Clough of Lee and Durham New Hampshire

Benjamin Clough born in Lee 3 Sept. 1798, married at Danville, Canada, 8 Feb. 1837, Eliza A., daughter of Ephraim and Fannie (Pope) Magoon, born in Shipton, Canada, 6 March 1806. Her father went to Canada from Salem, Massachusetts. She died in Shipton 8 June 1844. Benjamin Clough returned to his father’s house in 1847 and, about 1854, bought a farm near the railroad station in Durham, known as the Chesley or Hart farm. He died here 16 Oct. 1865, aged 67. He was a tanner by trade. Children were:

  1. Louise Victoria born 17 Oct. 1838 in Shipton, Canada; married 17 June 1860, John J. Bunker; d. 31 Oct. 1899. aged 61.
  2. Susan Almira born 7 March 1840, in Shipton; married 14 Dec. 1865, John Winslow Emerson Thompson at Exeter. She died 22 Nov. 1875.


Stackpole, E. S., Thompson, L. and Meserve, W. S. (1913) History of the town of Durham, New Hampshire : Oyster River Plantation with genealogical notes. [Durham? N.H. Pub. by vote of the town] [Web]

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