Rev Curtis Coe

Genealogy of the Coe Family of Durham New Hampshire

A genealogy of the Coe family of Durham New Hampshire as extracted from the History of Durham New Hampshire and other sources.

Sixth Generation


Family of Rev. Curtis Coe of Durham New Hampshire

Rev Curtis Coe
Rev Curtis Coe

Rev. Curtis Coe (Dea. Joseph5, Capt. Joseph4, Capt. John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born in Middleton, now Middlefield, Connecticut, 21 July 1750. He is said to have served as chaplain in the Revolutionary Army. He married, 22 Feb. 1781, Anne, daughter of Judge Ebenezer and Mary (Torr) Thompson, who was born 10 Jan. 1761, and died at South Newmarket 10 Oct. 1829. He died at the same place 7 June 1829. [See page 200-204 of Vol, I and also History of Newfields, N. H.] Births of children as recorded in Durham :

  1. 2. Joseph Coe born 1 June 1782; married Temperance Pickering.
  2. Abigail Coe born 29 Feb. 1784; married Daniel Mathes.
  3. Ebenezer Coe born 6 Dec. 1785; d. at Bangor, Maine, 26 Oct. 1862; married (1) Mehitable Smith of Durham, who was born 20 June 1794 and died 18 May 1833, (2) Mrs. Mary Upham Barker, who was born in Rochester 16 Sept. 1802 and died in Bangor, Maine, 4 Dec. 1843. For some years he was a selectman and representative of Northwood.
  4. Curtis Coe born 16 Sept. 1787; died unmarried 3 Sept. 1817 at Charleston, South Carolina.
  5. Polly Coe born 22 Nov. 1789; died 23 Nov. 1836. Unmarried.
  6. Anne Coe born 28 June 1792; died 1 April 1864; married 20 May 1830, Dea. Edward Berry born 16 July 1787, and settled in Pittsfield.
  7. John Coe born 13 Feb. 1797; d. at Center Harbor, 2 Dec. 1861; married 28 Sept. 1823, Lavinia Towie Senter, born at Meredith 7 Nov. 1800 and died 12 Oct. 1883. He was a shipbuilder in Durham and postmaster at Center Harbor.
  8. Benjamin Coe born 20 July 1801; d. 8 Apr. 1873; married at Lynn, Massachusetts, 5 May 1842, Louisa Frances Meade, who was born at Northwood, 3 June 1806 and died at South Newmarket, 24 Feb. 1868. He was deacon in the church and active in town affairs in South Newmarket.

Seventh Generation


Family of Joseph Coe of Durham New Hampshire

Joseph Coe (Rev. Curtis6, Dea. Joseph5, Capt. Joseph4, Capt. John3, Robert2, Robert1), born 1 June 1782, died 22 April 1852. He married Temperance, daughter of Richard and Mary (Thompson) Pickering, who was born 22 Aug. 1788 and died 29 Jan. 1864. He was a merchant and shipbuilder in Durham and compiled and published a volume entitled “The True American.”

  1. Temperance Ann Coe born 2 July 1813; d. in Durham 11 Jan. 1885. Unmarried.
  2. Ebenezer P. Coe born 31 March 1816; died 17 June 1838. Unmarried.
  3. Richard C. Coe born 23 Sept. 1818; d. in New York, 1 March 1884. Unmarried.
  4. John E. Coe born 9 June 1822; died at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 23 Nov. 1879. Educated at Phillips Academy, merchant in Philadelphia, later in advertising business in New York and Boston. He married at Methuen, Massachusetts, 27 July 1857, Margaret Janet Churchill, born in Clements, Nova Scotia, 8 April 1833, died 4 March 1859.
  5. 3. Joseph William Coe born 1 Feb. 1825; married Harriet S. Churchill.
  6. Federal Burt Coe born 1 Apr. 1828; died 11 Feb. 1850. Unmarried.

Eighth Generation


Family of Joseph William Coe of Durham New Hampshire

Joseph William Coe (Joseph7, Rev. Curtis6, Dea. Joseph5, Capt. Joseph4, Capt. John3, Robert2, Robert1) was born in Durham, 1 Feb. 1825 and died 12 Aug. 1907. He married at Lawrence, Massachusetts, 2 Dec. 1861. Harriet Sophia Churchill, who was born in Lubec, Maine, daughter of Samuel and Eliza (Willett) Churchill of Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, later of Salem, Massachusetts. She still resides on the Coe homestead in Durham. He was a merchant and postmaster at Durham for many years. He was a member and liberal supporter of the Congregational Church. His residence, built by Judge Steele, is one of the best in town. [See page 333 of Vol. I.]

  1. Mary E. Coe born 9 July 1864; died 27 July 1911; married 27 Feb. 1899, Daniel B. Ninde, born at Fort Wayne, Indiana, a graduate of U. S. Naval Academy and of the University of Michigan. He is an attorney-at-law at Fort Wayne.
  2. Richard Coe born 17 July 1866; married 31 March 1907, Mrs. Sarah Crapo (Tappan) Carter, born in Boston 27 June 1873. He is a mining engineer at Ramsey, Nevada. Children:
    1. Richard Pickering Coe, born and died at Hyde Park, Massachusetts, 21 June 1909.
    2. Serena Tappan Coe born at Hyde Park, 9 Jan. 1911.
  3. Janet Lawrence Coe born 7 June 1868; married 8 Oct. 1896, Edward Burnham Stearns, born 14 June 1869. He is a manager for the American Bridge Co. Res., Montclair, New Jersey, 4 ch. born at Brookline, Massachusetts:
    1. Lawrence Stearns born 22 April 1899.
    2. Richard Pickering Stearns born 12 Oct. 1901, d. same day,
    3. Margaret Stearns born 8 Feb. 1903.
    4. Janet Burnham Stearns born 18 April 1906.
  4. Gertrude Alice Coe born 17 Aug. 1870; d. 8 Oct. 1871.
  5. Margaret Alice Coe born 13 April 1872; graduated at Smith College in 1896; married 18 Jan. 1913, Daniel B. Ninde, above named, as his second wife.
  6. Anne Harriet Coe born 4 June 1879; graduated at Smith College in 1902; married 5 Sept. 1910 Burton Edward Curry born in Bloomington, Indiana, 24 Aug. 1879. He graduated at Indiana University in 1904 and took post-graduate studies at Cornell University. He is chemist of N. H. College Experiment Station. Children:
    1. Burton Edwin Curry, Jr., born 7 Jan. 1912,
    2. Curtis Coe Curry, twin to Harriet Anne, born 3 June, 1913.
    3. Harriet Anne Curry, twin to Curtis, born 3 June, 1913.
  7. Helen Edith Coe born 24 July 1881; d. 9 March 1885.

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