Probate of William Wilson of Hampton, 1710

[Administration on the estate of William Wilson of Hampton, cooper, granted to his widow, Elizabeth Wilson, April 26, 1710.]
[Probate Records, vol. 7, p. 134.]

[Bond of Elizabeth Wilson of Hampton, widow, with Lieut. Joseph Swett and John Gove as sureties, in the sum of £100, April 26, 1710, for the administration of the estate; witnesses, Joseph Smith and Elizabeth Smith.]

[Abigail Wilson of Hampton, daughter of William Wilson, makes choice of Joseph Swett of Hampton as her guardian, April 26, 1710; witnesses Joseph Smith and Charles Story.]

[Inventory, signed by Joseph Gove and John Gove: amount, £71.12.0.]

[Settlement of the estate, allowed May 20, 1716; estate, less funeral charges, £64.11.7; claims against estate, £12.10.11; one third to the widow, and the remainder divided equally among four daughters, Abigail Wilson, Martha Wilson, Hannah Wilson, and Elizabeth Wilson.]

[License to the administratrix, June 8, 1716, to sell real estate, that division may be made among the children.]
[Probate Records, vol. 9, p. 12.]

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