Marriages By Rev. Joseph Haven, 1776-1785

Rev. Joseph Haven was the third minister of the First Congregational Church in New Hampshire. He was elected to his position after the death of Rev, Samuel Hill in 1776. These marriage records were kept from his initial election for 10 years, or 1785. The First Congregational Church moved it’s location during the tenure of Rev, Haven, relocating and improving their existing building at Haven Hill to the Common, the new center of activity.

Marriages By Rev. Joseph Haven


Febr 29th Robert Walker with Dorothy Leaghton, both of
March 7th Joseph Tucker with Abigail Heard both of
May 23d James Place with Esther Varney both of
June 6th James Allen with Mercy Garland both of
June 22d Wm Whitcher with Sally Hoit both of Berwick, by Licence
June 23d Elihu Wentworth with Lois Pinkham both of
Septr 23. Mark Harford with Mary Corson both of
Nov 6th Simon Torr of with Sarah Ham of
Decr 26th John Tebbets with Jean Heard both of


Janr 14th Abraham Cook of with Abigail Twombly of
Janr 30th Isaac Wentworth with Abigail Nutter both of
Febr 13th Joshua Allen with Martha Varney both of
May 22d Lieut Samuel Nute with the Widow Sarah Welch both of
August 3d Robert Cook with Elizabeth Goodwin both of
Octr 16th Caleb Wakeham with Sarah Clements both of
Novr 24th Joseph Cook of with Anna Young of
Decr 17th Ephraim Tebbets with Eunice Tibbets both of
Decr 18th Benj. Furbur with Deborah Tebbets both of


Janr 26th Richard Tripe of Kittery with Elizabeth Gage of
Janr 29th David Jennes with Sarah Jennes both of
Febr 26th James Wille with Kezia Leighton both of
April 8th Tobias Ricker with Susannah Richardson both of
Septr 18th John Barber with Elizabeth Locke both of
Novr 19th John Nute Junr with Hannah Place both of
Nov 30th Joseph Plummer with Hannah Bickford both of
Decr 15th Edward Rollins with Anna Wentworth both of
Decr 17th James Chamberlain with Phebe Jackson both of
Decr 22th Joseph Thompson Junr with Lydia Green both of
Decr — Joseph Bickford with Dorcas Ellis both of


March 18th John Ham with Mary Dam both of
June 28th Benj. Babb of with Hannah Furbur of
July 29th John Bickford with Elizabeth Pearl, both of
August 10th Ebenezer Garland Junr with Lydia Jackson, both of .
August 26 John Rollings with Elizabeth Leighton both
Septr 5th John Wille with Mercy Cook, both of .
Septr 28th James Rogers with Susannah Pinkham both of
Octr 5th Moses Hayes Junr of with Dolly Wingate of
Octr 14th Moses Downs with Elizabeth Trickey both of .
Novr 4th Amos Place with Olive Knight both of
Novr 25th William Wingate with Deborah Buzzel both of .
Novr 25th Joshua Peavey with Mary Buzzel both of
Decr 3d Jonathan Cook of with Sarah Downing of .
Decr 12th Daniel Calef with Anna Scribner both of .
Decr 15th Enoch Hayes with Susanna Knowles both of .
Decr 24th James Colman of with Dorcas Wentworth of


Janr 26th Wm Rogers of the Gore with Mary Chamberlain of
Janr 27th Stephen Starboard with Lydia Nayler both of
Febr 2d Jason Chamberlain with Mary Brewster both of
Febr 14th Timothy Ricker with Lois Plummer both of
Febr 14th Jonathan Young with Sarah Defethering, [Trefethen] he of She of
Febr 17th Joseph Ellis of with Hannah Perkins of
March 9th Ephraim Trickey with Lucy Cook both of
March 21st Moses Jennes of with Abigail Berry of
March 21st Ebenezer Horn with Lydia Canny both of
April 3d John Stanton with Susanna Knight both of
April 13th Matthias Welch with Rachel Pearl both of
June 4th Wm Horn of with Lucy Thompson of
June 22d Samuel Tuttle with Martha Varney both of
July 13th Isaiah Foss with Mary Dow both of
August 22th Moses Babb with Meribah Lock both of
Septr 7th Beard Plunnner with Susanna Ham both of
Octr 7th Zebulon Durgan of with Lettice Stillson of
Decr 6th Ebenezer Hanson of , with Patience Varney of


Janr 11th John Place Junr with Patience Downing both of
Febr 20th David Jennes with Lucy Page both of
Febr 22d David Corson with Mary Mc Durffee both of
April 12th Saml Lord of Berwick with Abigail Allen of
May 21st John Tucker of Kittery with Phebe Heard of
August 10th Saml Wentworth of with Mary Berry of
August 16th Hanniel Clark with Judith Berry both of
Septr 20th John Allen with Mary Clark both of
Novr 15th Daniel Horn with Charity Place, both of


Febr 5th Joshua Hayes with Hannah Lock both of
Febr 28th John Myrick with Elizabeth Palmer both of
March 7th Saml Roberts of Berwick with Lydia Tebbets of
March 12th Benj. Varney with Joanna Ham both of
March 21st Silas Tebbets with Sarah Heard, both of
May 9th Jonathan Heard with Sarah Yetton, both of
June 19th Joseph Hodgdon of with Charity Dame of
August 1st John Roberts with Ruth Rogers both of
August 3d Philip Jackson with Mary Place both of
Octr 8th Robert Evens with the Widw Hannah Heard both of
Octr 31st Ebenezer Hayes with Phebe Huckins both of
Novr 21st Samuel Hayes of with Sarah Pearl of
Novr 28th John Willey Junr with Tamsin Gray both of
Novr 28th Stephen Brock with Elizabeth Berry both of
Novr 28th Richard Foss with Marcy Berry both of
Novr 28th Timothy Roberts Junr with Elizabeth Hayesboth of


Febr 6th Ephraim Holmes with Mary Hall both of
Febr 27th Samuel Foss, Tertius [3rd] with Sarah Junkins both of
May 8th Benj. French of New-Market [] with Mary Harford of
May 22d John Huckens of with Mary Pearl of
Octr 13th Wm Wentworth Lord of Berwick with Mercy Allen of
Octr 16th James Marden Junr with Frederica Scevey both of
Octr 20th John Wentworth of with Rebecca Horn of
Nov 17th Joseph Pearl Junr with Catharine Clark both of
Novr 27th Jedediah Tebbets with Dorothy Tebbets both of
Decr 4th Ephraim Tebbets with Esther Tebbets both of
Decr 10th Ezekiel Hayes with Margaret Foss both of
Decr 25th Wm Palmer with Susannah Twombly both of


Janr 21st Abraham Pribble of Wolfsboro’ [] with Mary Cole of
Febr 11th Joseph Holmes with Sarah Page both of
Febr 12th Nathan Webb Adams of with Elizabeth Cole of
Febr 26th Benj. Berry with Mary Foss both of
April 20th Jonathan Leighton Junr with Mary Rogers both of
April 21st Benj. Adams Esqr of with Susanna Brown of
May 23d Moses Chamberlain with Mary Nason both of
July 29th Joseph Roberts with Betty Dame, both of
Septr 30th Anthony Pevee with Betty Hammon both of
Octr 7th Elijah Horn with Anna Corson both of
Decr 9th Joseph Ricker with Sarah Trickey both of
Decr 29th George Snell Hayes with Anna Hawkins both of


Janr 6th Timothy Heard with Mary Dame both of
March 3d William Henderson with Peggy Roberts, He of , She of .
March 17th Gilbert French with Leah French both of
March 24th Timothy Richardson with Anna Perkins both of


New Hampshire Genealogical Society. The New Hampshire genealogical record : an illustrated quarterly magazine devoted to genealogy, history, and biography : official organ of the New Hampshire Genealogical Society; published in , N. H.: George W. Tibbetts, 1907.

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