Miscellaneous Davis Families of Durham and Region

The will of John Davis of Lee, 10 March 1788-20 Nov. 1797, names wife, Judith, and children, Moses (who married 12 Dec. 1784, Margaret Bligh), Clement, Sarah Kenniston, Abigail Hall, Tamson Stevens and Keziah Furber. This John Davis may have been son of John, Moses, John, James.

Clement M. Davis of Durham, New Hampshire

The records of Durham give the family of Clement M. Davis, born in Portsmouth, 1 Sept. 1795. He married, 12 July 1817, Sarah Davis of Lee, who was born 5 March 1798. Ten children were born in Durham:

  1. George Davis born 3 Oct. 1818.
  2. Enoch S. Davis born 16 Nov. 1820; married 20 Oct. 1839, Pauline Staples of Portsmouth.
  3. John M. Davis born 27 Jan. 1823; married (1) Miranda Philips, (2) Susan Vannard.
  4. Sabrina Jane Davis born 8 March 1825; married Albert Merrill.
  5. Martha Ann Davis born 9 Aug. 1827; d. 31 May 1831.
  6. Henry B. Davis born 23 June 1829; married in Australia.
  7. Eleanor R. K. Davis born 23 Dec. 1831; married Daniel C. Stilson.
  8. Clement Davis born 19 April 1834; went to California.
  9. Sarah Davis born 5 April 1837; married Nat D. Tobey.
  10. Charles W. Davis born 5 March 1842; died at Key West, Florida.

David O. Davis of Newmarket, New Hampshire

David O. Davis of Alton, son of Andrew and Sally (Gate) Davis, grandson of Winthrop and Sally (Evans) Davis, married, 1 March 1853, Martha Abigail Demeritt, daughter of Ebenezer and Sally (Stokes) Demeritt, who was born 14 Jan. 1836. He enlisted twice in the Civil War and lost an arm. The family now lives in Newmarket. Children were:

  1. Ada Augusta Davis born 16 Feb. 1855; died 1 May 1858.
  2. Clarence Fremont Davis born 21 Nov. 1856; died 10 March 1857.
  3. Augusta Ada Davis born 25 March 1858; married 24 March 1878, Frank A. Sylvester of Durham, son of Dr. William Sylvester. Children:
    1. Adrian P. Sylvester born 1 March 1879,
    2. Ethel May Sylvester born 2 May 1883, died 17 Nov. 1884,
    3. Marion Merritt Sylvester born 18 Dec. 1885.
  4. Melvin Davis born 24 Feb. 1860; married 18 Sept. 1882, Cora E. Emerson of Dexter, Maine.
  5. Annabelle Davis born 22 June 1863; married 29 Nov. 1884, Henry E. Hudson of Newmarket.
  6. Luette Davis born 14 Nov. 1866.
  7. Gertrude May Davis born 21 Oct. 1868.
  8. Herbert Frank Davis born 24 Aug. 1874; married 24 June 1900, Sadie E. Kent.
  9. Everett Garfield Davis born 23 Nov. 1877.

Charles S. Davis of Durham, New Hampshire

Charles S. Davis, brother to David O. and son of Andrew and Sally (Gate) Davis, married Sarah A. Butler who was born 4 July 1831. He, too, was a soldier in the Civil War. He had a son, Walter C. Davis, who married Marcia E. Paul, q.v. They sustained the sad loss of four children from diphtheria.

  1. Inez May Davis born 9 May 1880; died 3 Nov. 1889.
  2. Walter S. Davis born 23 June 1881; died 11 Nov. 1889.
  3. Sarah Elizabeth Davis born 20 Nov. 1882; died 11 Nov. 1889.
  4. George Butler Davis born 23 April 1886, died 10 Nov. 1889.

Joshua Davis of Durham, New Hampshire

Joshua Davis was living near the Falls in 1719 and had a share in the division of land in 1733/4. He married Esther Bunker, daughter of Joseph Bunker. She was born in April, 1693. He bought of Joseph Smith land west of Turtle pond and, 25 April 1735, he conveyed the same to Solomon Sias. One of the bounds was “the fence betwixt my brother Samuel Davis and me.” His widow married _____ Dam. Is this Joshua an unrecorded son of Col. James Davis, whose son, Samuel, was the only person of that name at that time, in Durham? No children of Joshua Davis are recorded, yet it is probable that there were such.

Unclassified Davis Marriages of Durham New Hampshire

  • March 31, 1709/20, Zechariah Small and Jane Davis.
  • July 20, 1749, Joseph Finder and Hepsibeth Davis.
  • Aug. 4, 1754, Benjamin Davis and Abigail Harris.
  • April 17, 1755, Benjamin Davis of Greenland and Margaret Bickford of Durham.
  • Benjamin Davis, son of Widow Margaret Davis baptized Oct. 29, 1768.
  • June 9, 1760, Joseph Doe and Margaret Davis.
  • April 7, 1757, Joseph Davis and _______ Clark, both of Durham.
  • July 14, 1756, William Horn and Jane Davis, at Dover.
  • April II, 1771, Eleazer Davis of Madbury and Sarah Cook.
  • March 6, 1785, Levi Davis and Olive Noble.
  • May II, 1786, Daniel Davis and Elizabeth Chesley.
  • Dec. 25, 1796, Reuben Davis of Nottingham and Anne Wormwood of Durham.
  • July 28, 1805, James Willey, Jr., and Miss Hannah Davis.
  • July 4, 1821, Miles Davis and Betsey Randall.
  • Aug. 20, 1820, Ephraim L. Bickford and Sally Davis.
  • March 1825, Jonathan Davis and Elizabeth Emerson.
  • April 18, 1830, Miles Tuttle and Lucinda H. Davis.


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