History of Hampton, New Hampshire, Vol. 1

The original version of this monumental work was published in 2 volumes. Volume 1, here presented, contains the history of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire from its settlement in 1638 to the autumn of 1892. Volume 2 features the genealogical and biographical details of the early families of Hampton, NH up to the autumn of 1892 and is can be found here. There is every indication that Joseph Dow had completed the first volume before his death in 1889, and was compiling the material needed for the second volume which his daughter finished for him.

That errors will be found in such works is undoubtable. As researchers we are left clueless as to where specific facts came from and must simply cite this manuscript unless we can determine the original source.

Table of Contents

I. The Settlement in the Wilderness. 1638-1646. 1
II. Labors, Controversies and Superstitions. 1647-1662. 35
III. Town Affairs. 1658-1680. Public Lands — Public Houses — And a Troublesome Public Charge. 58
IV. Hampton under the Mason and Massachusetts Controversy. 1651-1677. 86
V. Town and Province under the Royal Government. 1677-1689. 96
VI. Under Royal Government (continued). 1689-1730. 115
VII. The Boundary Lines. 1639-1742. 133
VIII. Town Affairs — Kingston. 1680-1707. 146
IX. Hampton Falls. 1709-1760. 162
X. Town Affairs — Natural Phenomena — Rye. 1708-1736. 173
XI North Hampton. 1719-1742. 195
XII. Regulations — Lawsuits — Casualties. 1733-1780. 202
XIII. Indian Wars. 1675-1763. 219
XIV. In the Revolution. 1774-1783. 249
XV. In the Early Years of Independence. 1784-1814. 276
XVI. A War — A Colonel — A Regiment. 1812-1860. 292
XVII. The Civil War. 1860-1865. 301
XVIII. Other Nineteenth Century Happenings. J800-1892. 321


XIX. The Interwoven Pastorates :
Rev. Stephen Bachiler. 1638-1641.
Rev. Timothy Dalton. 1639-1661.
Rev. John Wheelwright. 1647-1656.
Rev. Seaborn Cotton. 1657-1686. 343
XX. Rev. John Cotton’s Ministry. 168G-1710. 366
XXI. Pastors Gookin and Ward Cotton — New Parishes. 1710-1837. 377
XXII. Rev. Ward Cotton’s Ministry — The North Hill Parish. 1731-1767. 395
XXIII. Rev. Ebenezer Thayer’s Pastorate. 1765-1792. 406
XXIV. The Presbyterian Schism. 1792-1807. 419
XXV. Last Years of the Town Ministry. 1807-1839. 440
XXVI. The Independent Churches. 456


XXVII. The Common Schools. 473
XXVIII. Hamilton Academy and High School. 484


XXIX. Hampton Beach and Vicinity — Ownership and Uses. 502
XXX. The Public Roads. 519
XXXI. The Story of the Mills. 531
XXXII. Stores and Trades. 546
XXXIII. Last Words. 559


A Tabular Record of Town Officers. 563

Appendix. 578


Dow, Joseph; Dow, Lucy Ellen. History of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire. From its settlement in 1638, to the autumn of 1892. Salem, Mass., 2 vols. Printed by the Salem press publishing and printing co., 1893.

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