Genealogy of Lieut. David Davis of Lee, New Hampshire

First Generation


Family of Lieut. David Davis of , New Hampshire

Lieut. David Davis, born about 1730 and called in deeds “David Davis third,” was probably grandson of the first David Davis, who may have had an unrecorded son. He purchased the farm at Hook, now known as the “Pine Row,” where he settled as early as 1750. He was a lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. He married Anna Stevens said to have been born in about 1730, baptized 13 Oct. 1754. They had children born in :

  1. Molly Davis baptized 13 Oct. 1754; married Hill.
  2. Jeremiah Davis baptized 23 July 1758.
  3. John Davis, married Betsey Marsh of and removed to .
  4. Ann Davis married _____ Frost.
  5. Sarah Davis born 3 Sept. 1763; married Thomas Bennett.
  6. Comfort Davis born 20 Feb. 1767; married Joseph Durrell.
  7. Hannah Davis born 1770; married John Chapman.
  8. 2. David Davis born 16 Abril 1772; married Rhoda Chapman.

Second Generation


Family of David Davis of , New Hampshire

David Davis (David) married Rhoda, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Barber) Chapman of , who was born 30 Oct. 1770. Children were:

  1. David Davis married Mary, daughter of Thomas York of ; d. about 1889. Children:
    1. Wesley E. of Topsfield, Massachusetts,
    2. Frank, who died at Topsfield, aged about 25, unmarried.
  2. Nathaniel Goodrich Davis married 10 June 1836, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Betsey (Chesley) Jones, who was born 20 Feb. 1812. Lived in . Children of Nathaniel G. and Elizabeth (Jones) Davis:
    1. Mary Ann Davis d. unmarried in .
    2. Rhoda J. Davis born 1841; lived in .
    3. Susan E. Davis born 1844; married 1876, Josiah D. Thompson of Exeter.
    4. Thomas Jones Davis born 22 Oct. 1849; married (1) July 1879, Juliet, adopted daughter of Edwin and Abbie (Littlefield) Bennett of , (2) Jan. 1889, Hattie, daughter of Rev. C. B. Mills of Maysville, Mich. He is in the practice of law at Duluth, Minn.

Thomas Jones Davis has presented to New Hampshire College a tract of eight acres in and , called Davis Park, which he planted 10 sweet chestnut trees. The park is to be further beautified by the college, with the hope that the students of the same and the pupils in the two nearest public schools may annually have an October outing party in the park, “to the end that out of the day-dreams of these youths and children perhaps once in a generation one shall materialize in the form of a bigger, better, more lasting and far-reaching effort to increase the sum of the world’s happiness.” The park is a memorial of his parents.


Source: Stackpole, E. S., Thompson, L. and Meserve, W. S. (1913) History of the town of , New Hampshire : Oyster River Plantation with genealogical notes. [? N.H. Pub. by vote of the town] [Web]

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