1850 Croydon, NH Census – Page 118

Schedule 1 – Free Inhabitants of Croydon in the County of Sullivan State
of New Hampshire enumerated by me, on the 4th day of September 1850. Pliny Hall Ass’t Marshal.

Roll M432_441; Page: 117A; Image: 236.

167172Nathan Hall35mLandlordNH
Martha S. Hall36fNH
William D. Brown14mCanada W.
Pliny Hall32mClerkNH
168173Lemuel P. Cooper46mFarmerNH
Laura Cooper41fNH
Sherman Cooper17mFarmerNH
Mary P. Cooper15fNH
Ellen Cooper9fNH
Sherman Cooper89mFarmerMA
Lucretia Powers51fNH
James Barton25mFarmerNH
169174Timothy G. Powers37mTeamsterNH
Eliza Powers41fNH
Adison A. Powers13mNH
Walter R. Powers12mNH
170175Isaac Goward67mFarmerMA
Mehitable Goward49fNH
Francis Goward42mFarmerNH
Cynthia Ransom54fNH
Mary Ann Downs7fNH




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