Probate Records of John Boulter of Hampton, 1703

[Inventory of the estate of John Boulter of Hampton, Oct. 2, 1703; amount £156.17.0; liabilities, £25.0.0; signed by John Smith, Abraham Drake, and John Garland; attested by John Garland and Abraham Drake, April 27, 1704.]

[Administration on the estate of John Boulter of Hampton granted to Bryan Door and his wife, Martha Door, formerly widow of the deceased, Dec. 14, 1703.]

[Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 270.]

[Warrant, Dec. 14, 1703, authorizing Abraham Drake and John Garland, both of Hampton, to appraise the estate.]

[Bond of Bryan Door of Hampton, yeoman, with Richard Door of Portsmouth, yeoman, and Edward Cate of Portsmouth, house-carpenter, as sureties, Dec. 14, 1703, in the sum of £300, for the administration of the estate; witnesses, Charles Story and Hannah Almary.]

[Warrant, May 1, 1704, authorizing Ephraim Marston, John Leavitt, and Samuel Chapman, Jr., all of Hampton, to receive claims against the estate.]

[Report of claims against the estate, Oct. 31, 1704; signed by Samuel Chapman, Jr., and Ephraim Marston.]

[Petition of Bryan Door and Martha Door, his wife, administrators, Jan. 12, 1705/6, for license to sell some of the real estate.]

[Account of the distribution of the personal property, Jan. 22, 1705/6; mentions children.]

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