Probate of Morris Hobbs of Hampton, 1706

[Administration on the estate of Morris Hobbs of Hampton granted to his sons Nehemiah Hobbs and Morris Hobbs, both of Hampton, Sept. 3, 1706, the oldest son, John Hobbs, having renounced administration.]

[Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 311.]

[Bond of Nehemiah Hobbs and Morris Hobbs, both of Hampton, yeomen, with Timothy Hilliard of Hampton, yeoman, and Richard Waterhouse of Portsmouth, tanner, as sureties, Sept. 3, 1706, in the sum of £300, for the administration of the estate; witnesses, John Leavitt and Charles Story.]

[Warrant, Oct. 11, 1706, authorizing Ephraim Marston and Ensign Samuel Marston, both of Hampton, to appraise the estate.]

[Inventory, Oct. 12, 1706; amount, £64.2.4; signed by Samuel Marston and Ephraim Marston.]

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